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ブルゲラ・テニス・アカデミー香港 韓国人選手の紹介









“I never thought about winning two titles and playing another final in my first 3 tournaments of the year. I feel the results are the consequence of the hard work I‘ve done at @hongkong_gta This will encourage me to practice even harder. I like that here at @btahongkong coaches are honest and tell me the things i’m doing wrong. That’s the only way to improve.
My goal is to finish the year within the best 50 players in the world. Watching my teammates play Grand Slams motivates me to work more to join them as soon as possible. I absolutely feel I’m in the right place”. With these results @yunseok_ok is close to becoming the fourth HKGTA player to play a Grand Slam event. Congrats for the good start of the year, Jang. We’ll keep working. We won’t stop producing champions, that’s our philosophy.