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14歳のAdria Cabrera選手は昨年夏からトレーニングの場所をブルゲラテニスアカデミー香港校に移しました。










“A man entered my grandfather's shop and saw some old rackets we collected. We started talking about tennis, but I had never played. Soon after, the man became my coach and I started playing twice a week. As time went by my love for the sport grew and I even stopped playing my beloved football to focus only on tennis.
In 2018, I wanted to try something different. I asked my coach to recommend me where I could train even harder. He immediately put me in touch with coach @damiangayo who lived in Hong Kong. I said to myself: why not? First I came for a summer camp, and I felt like at home in @hongkong_gta I was delighted with the team of coaches and with the whole place. In Spain, despite being the tennis capital of the world, academies are over-populated and most of the times overrated. I realized that in Hong Kong I could receive more personalized attention and thus improve more quickly.
It's not easy for my parents, I'm not from a wealthy family. They work very hard to have me here. It is not easy, it is hard to be away from home. But I wake up every day with big time motivation to improve. The effort will be worth it. I know that tennis changes lives, I hope it will be my case”. Adria Cabrera, the Mallorca native who chose Bruguera Hong Kong academy over Any other academy in Spain.